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To clarify what the mystery behind what we are working on is,

Dalliance was born out of a love affair with my country, music, events and the arts, Dalliance was formed with the sole purpose of bridging gaps between communities, places and spaces. My goal is to bring the world closer by exposing them to MY SOUTH AFRICA it’s music, it’s art and it one of a kind culture and diversity.

The aim of Dalliance is to bring several South African musicians and artists to your City in the USA in 2015. We will introduce you to a different South African artist every week and hope that they will recieve your support In the form of attending their shows/concerts and buying their music.

2015 promises to be a great and exciting year which will see us bringing you an international film festival to you as well as introducing you to South African cuisine and wine makers headlined by Cheff Bram Fowler who is Of South African Origin.

South African music, art and cuisine stands with the finest in the world. Show your support to it and give it the fighting chance it deserves.

Hope to see you at a Dalliance event soon.

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